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Documentation: Ricin timeline
This documentation relates to the supposed findings of ricin in a London flat in January 2003.
Published: 03.06 - 2007 18:08Printer version    
It shows how a democratic society reacts to such news and how the finding also was used to justify the invasion of Iraq. Two weeks after the finding, the analysis revealed that there were no ricin found. This was kept secret from the British police by the Ministry of Defence until March 20, 2003 - the day of the invasion.

The public weren't told until 2005. As it is, this news has not taken hold among the general public, which still believes ricin was found.

As material for the timeline, I've used BBC articles, to get a coherent feel of how the news broke. There is a longer version of the timeline here, which also has the ingres of the article under each date, and also some additional info.

7 January, 2003: Terror police find deadly poison
7 January, 2003: Blair warning over terror threat
8 January, 2003: Ricin case unnerves community
8 January, 2003: How worried should we be about Ricin?
8 January, 2003: Seventh arrest in ricin case
10 January, 2003: FBI alerts police to ricin risk
10 January, 2003: Police question seven over ricin find
14 January, 2003: Six questioned in ricin investigation
14 January, 2003: Five released after terror raids
15 January, 2003: Blair's shock at policeman's death
15 January, 2003: Police death 'wake-up call to UK'
15 January, 2003: Blair warns against weakness on Iraq
15 January, 2003: Inquiry as terror raid officer killed
15 January, 2003: Who's pressing Blair against war
18 January, 2003: Anti-terror police arrest three
21 January, 2003: Fifth man charged over ricin plot
23 January, 2003: Terror police arrest ricin suspect
25 January, 2003: In pictures: Stephen Oake's funeral
27 January, 2003: Iraq must do more, UN told

4 February, 2003: Saddam denies links to terrorists
5 February, 2003: Full text of Powell speech (pt I)
5 February, 2003: Full text of Powell speech (pt II)
5 February, 2003: Americans weigh Iraq evidence
5 February, 2003: Zarqawi and the 'al-Qaeda link'
6 February, 2003: Powell briefing: Key points
11 February, 2003: Polls find Europeans oppose Iraq war
12 February, 2003: Poll gloom for Blair on Iraq
14 February, 2003: What if a dirty bomb hit London?
17 February, 2003: Nobody is breathing fire and smoke
19 February, 2003: 'New Europe' backs EU on Iraq
19 February, 2003: Nato approves Turkey mission
21 February, 2003: UK tight-lipped on Iraq timescale

11 March, 2003: UK pushes new Iraq initiative
13 March, 2003: Chile's Iraq dilemma
15 March, 2003: Leading Australia into battle
18 March, 2003: Key vote after Blair appeal
18 March, 2003: Blair loses third minister over Iraq
20 March, 2003: UK issues terror attack warning
20 March, 2003: Home front quiet as war starts

15 September 2005:
Ricin results not told to police
MoD scientists knew no ricin had been found at a north London flat raided over an alleged terror plot for weeks before telling police, it has emerged.
Fears the deadly substance was in the Wood Green flat were raised during a raid on 7 January 2003 but disproved by scientists two weeks later.
But it was not until 20 March that police and ministers learned no ricin had been found, the MoD confirmed.

AnalysisThis timeline proves the following:

1. False terror is being used politically
2. It is possible to introduce false terror without the police and 'ordinary' people noticing it. The media just go with the flow and reports the lie
3. The intelligence services and the British Ministry of Defense cooperates to amplify the terror to give it the intended effect

False terror is possible, and is being used every day now.

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